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World’s First Shaping Stimulation Apparel

Shaping Ab + Back Stimulation Belt

Change Your Posture | Change Your Life


Never Overcharge Your Smart Devices or Tools Again!

Yoga & Pilates On Steroids!

Streaming Great Workouts Anytime, Anywhere!

3X3FIT for Gyms, Clubs and Boutiques

Treatment and Support for Men’s Sexual Health

Simple Elegance to Cover Your Butt!

Ride Like The Wind!

World’s Most Comfortable Pants.

First Wearable That Measures Real Calories Burned and Consumed

The Ultimate Fitness Machine!

The Most Complete Healthy Beverage

Quick | Clean | Delicious Eating

A Serving of Veggies in Each Serving of Bread

DRAFT…work in progress


Motiva Marketing Group started in 2004.  Since then, we have managed a variety of companies in different ways.  For the startup, we can manage all phases including financial, operations, sales & marketing.  For $ billion dollar companies, we worked on specific projects, like creating new products or services to grow the overall business.  Some companies are looking for top-line growth, while others need to get their bottom-line shaped up without negatively affecting revenues.

We build dreams from dollars and take products to profit in less time, with less cost than the typical hired gun.  Results are what we do… It’s who we are.

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