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3X3FIT was the original business.  It evolved into a system well adapted for streaming so a separate portal was created for customers that wanted OnDemand capabilities.

3X3FITOnDemand enables customers to cut the cord on their DVD and use 3X3FIT anytime, anywhere.  The key to this product is a combination of unique exercises and some large fitness rings connected to bungee cords.  The exercises are meant to be done in a workout session doing back to back activity elevating heart rate and engaging muscle with lightweight resistance.  In 2017,MOTIVA was able to identify multiple distribution channels and connected to consumers directly with marketing efforts that took 3X3FIT from near extinction to a multi-million success story.


  • Developed and Created Website
  • Managed day-to-day business
  • Identified and sold to key channels
  • Sourced and engineered product
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