MOTIVA™ was founded in 2004.  Founded on the principle of being a small, flexible team, it is able to respond quickly to the needs of its clients.  That includes everything from solving design or manufacturing issues or influencing consumer behavior at the point of sale, whether that is via direct sales or retail; traditional transactions or digital.  MOTIVA™ has worked with companies and entrepreneurs in vastly different ways.  For the startup, we can manage all phases including financial, operations, sales & marketing.  For billion dollar $ companies, we work on specific projects, like creating new products or services to grow their overall business.  Some companies are looking for top-line growth, while others need to get their bottom-line shaped up without negatively affecting revenues.  MOTIVA has a track record of accomplishing both.

MOTIVA likes to say, “we build dreams from dollars and take products to profit in less time, with less cost.”  

Results are what we do… It’s who we are.

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