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AlignMed and Evidence Based Apparel® are a lifestyle technology designed, researched and developed with an an esteemed group of physicians and sports scientists (Alignmed Medical Advisory Panel – AMAP).  The science and technology encompass exoskeletal garments with an anatomic matrix of bands, panels and seams, collectively referred to as NeuroBands®.

NeuroBands and Evidence Based Apparel are a wearable therapy to retrain muscles and improve muscle tone, performance, posture, poise and reduce pain.  The  therapeutic touch and tensions of NeuroBands target specific muscle groups, in a kinetic sequence to influence the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and its essential role in movement, injury prevention, and injury recovery.

NeuroBand Technology can be used to retrain poor postures due to habitual movement behaviors brought about by prolonged sitting, texting, computer use or athletic injury.  The technology is supported by unprecedented research, clinical experience, and over 200,000 people to date who have used Evidence Based Apparel as an option, or adjunct to traditional therapies such as prescription drugs, physical therapy and surgical intervention. 


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