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Quarks American Bento is an innovative fast, healthy restaurant that provides the footprint of a Subway (small) with the speed and efficiency of a Chipotle (fast) but unlike any other fast casual dining experience, Quarks is Quick, Clean Eating Healthy Wholesome Food.  Quarks even makes their own sauces.  Priced under $10, it’s was also awarded the World’s Healthiest Fast Food by LUX magazine in 2016.  While most healthy, fast, casual restaurants usually have “guilty” foods present, Quarks only offers health but not at the expense of taste.  With the enjoyment of guilty foods and the healthiness of your local dietician, you’d think you are on another planet…best of both worlds.


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Sadly, after a great 4-year run, Quarks became a casualty of COVID-19 and has closed as of 2020.