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GetABomb™ is a family of proprietary and innovative cleaning and odor eliminating solutions from WOW Products in the GETABOMB.com brands.  

SPOTBOMB® differs from its competitors in many ways.

  1. It is a real Industrial Strength spot & stain remover used commercially but available in full strength to consumers.
  2. It is sold and used in commercial carpet stores.
  3. It can be used safely on carpets and not void the warranty like other stain removers.
  4. It works better the older the stain.
  5. It has never met an organic stain it can’t remove.
  6. There is NO rubbing, NO scrubbing and NO residue left behind…so no prep or cleanup.
  7. SPOTBOMB® creates an exothermic reaction and devours spots and stains and residue evaporates into space.
  8. It penetrates deep into carpet to the subfloor or upholstery so stains and contaminate are eliminated deeply embedded.
  9. It disinfects.
  10. It deodorizes.

BIFFYBOMB™ used prior to doing #2 is so effective, it’s like you were never there.

SMELLYBOMB™ is a new way to cancel odors.  Simply spray the source of odor wet, let it dry and odor is gone….everytime!


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